• The Society Launch Femi Health Arab forum
    The Society Launch Femi Health Arab forum
  • Esccp Launces FemiHealth Medical Conference
  • The association organizes campaigns for free examination in cooperation with the General Authority for Health Care

The Egyptian Society For Colposcopy And Cervical Pathology

It is the first Society of its kind in Egypt and Africa and includes more than 150 doctors from different governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt This Society was established along the lines of similar societies all over the world, such as the British, American and French societies

The Society is interested in a new type of cancer, namely cancers of the reproductive system (cervix - uterus - ovaries - vaginal canal - external genital organs)

International Accreditation

The society obtained accreditation from the International foundation of Cervical Pathology Colposcopy, which includes 15 societies from different countries of the world, which are the strongest countries in the fight against cancer

Local Accreditation

The Society is licensed with No. 11031 of 2019, from the Ministry of Social Solidarity and it is the official government party that permits the work of Societies

Board Members

The Society Accredited

The International Federation of Cervical Pathology Colposcopy - Ministry of Social Solidarity




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