The Egyptian Society For Colposcopy And Cervical Pathology

The Egyptian Society For Colposcopy

And Cervical Pathology

It is the first Society of its kind in Egypt and Africa and includes more than 150 doctors from different governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt This Society was established along the lines of similar societies all over the world, such as the British, American and French societies

The Society is interested in a new type of cancer, namely cancers of the reproductive system (cervix - uterus - ovaries - vaginal canal - external genital organs)

International Accreditation

The society obtained accreditation from the International foundation of Cervical Pathology Colposcopy, which includes 15 societies from different countries of the world, which are the strongest countries in the fight against cancer

Local Accreditation

The Society is licensed with No. 11031 of 2019, from the Ministry of Social Solidarity and it is the official government party that permits the work of Societies

Whereas those who established the Society are doctors with British degrees as well as British experience working in various British hospitals, and they are also members of the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical pathology, and there are doctors from the British Society as members of the Egyptian Society, so the joint cooperation between the two societies took place.

Medical Role

Raising the medical competence of doctors to increase medical information and applying the latest prevention and treatment protocols as well as practical training for doctors in scientific use of the latest devices and technologies in the field of combating reproductive system cancer, and this was activated by:


it was the first medical course in Egypt and Africa in this field recognized by the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology as well as the Egyptian Society, the Syndicate of Physicians and the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and it was in conformity with all international specifications according to the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology and the participation of foreign experts

A conference for doctors

A conference for doctors in January 2020 to announce the Society, and 150 doctors from different governorates of the Republic of Egypt have participated in order to provide an examination service in all governorates to facilitate the scientific process of women to conduct the examination

Medical Role


Its first goal is to protect women from reproductive system cancers, as it is possible to expect the rates of cancer occurrence in women and thus can protect them from the negative effects that occur, such as removing the reproductive system, as well as the risks of surgery and the consequent chemotherapy and radiation treatment, physical and psychological damage, and giving women a level Higher than protection. We have a good example in cervical cancer: as it is one of the fiercest cancers that affect the reproductive system and the death rate from it reaches %63 in late detection, and at the same time it is the only cancer that can be completely protected by applying the global protection and prevention system and spreading awareness among women.

Comunity Role

Free examination for women to protect and prevent cervical cancer through (LBC), which is the most recent test in the world to identify abnormal cells, as well as to determine the HPV virus, as it is responsible for 99 % of cervical cancer, and thus the infection is determined in the pre-cancer stage where the treatment is much easier while ensuring life better and avoid many of the problems that afflict a cancer patient while preserving the dream of motherhood completely, and this is reflected trough:

Free Examination

  • -Free examination for the month of February, in the presence of members of the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, and this link is for a video that shows the extent of the problem that Egypt faces from the large number of injuries
  • -The holy month of Ramadan campaign for the protection and prevention of cervical cancer during 2020, and a number of community stars participated in the campaign to increase awareness and a bulletin and 500 women were tested for free
  • -Free examination campaigns in various governorates of Egypt through a protocol of cooperation with the Public Authority for Health Care


  • -Disseminating information about the symptoms of each of these cancers and how to protect and prevent them
  • -Nefert Campaign, the Society used all social media sites to spread awareness among women, and within one year the Society succeeded in attracting 150,000 women, and they are the first campaign in Egypt and Africa to protect and prevent cervical cancer. A large number of community stars and artists also participated to help spread awareness
  • -Rotary Egypt 2451, spreading awareness among Rotary women on this topic, as the women of the Rotary enjoy a cultural and scientific level and have a great role in community work and thus the Society succeeded in having ambassadors for it to educate all the women around them

Comunity Role


The Egyptian society for colposcopy and cervical pathology has a number of doctors with experience in international programs for early screening of cervical cancer, and they have received full training in the British system, which facilitates the implementation of a program that follows the same standards of quality and accuracy, which leads to good results from reducing Injury rates and increased cure rates. We have also made detailed studies on the mechanisms of implementing the program, and through the results of that study, we will be able to find a way to save huge money for the country. The mechanisms that resulted from the study also enable us to provide income through the program. It is worth noting that the President of the World Health Organization thanked His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the health system in Egypt for their tremendous efforts in eliminating virus C, and mentioned the importance of the cervical cancer file, which confirms the global interest in it, especially that it is the only cancer that can be preventable, just as Egypt used to be the leader in all fields and at all levels in the Middle East and Africa, and therefore it is necessary to mention the importance of this file


The Society aspires to increase and spread awareness among all women to protect them from the most common cancers that afflict them. Nevertheless, it is possible to protect and prevent these cancers and avoid many problems and risks that threaten women, whether at the health or social level.The Society also exerts every effort it can to make this project a national project in Egypt and then apply the same experience in various African countries, as according to the latest report of the World Health Organization that the number of cervical cancer cases exceeds 570 thousand cases annually and that the death is 70 thousand cases annually and that %85 of injuries and deaths in Africa The implementation of this project will save a lot of money for governments, as the cost of one case of cervical cancer in Egypt is about 150,000 thousand Egyptian pounds, while if the global system for prevention and protection is implemented, the woman will cost 15,000 Egyptian pounds only over the course of 40 years starting from the age of 25 to 65 years, which is the age of cancer of the reproductive system, and this, for example, can be applied to the entire continent of Africa, and thus these countries can exploit these funds that were saved in other sections to raise the quality of life of the citizen

So :-

  • -The Society aims to complete a protocol of cooperation with the General Authority to visit 6 governorates to train doctors, as well as to examine the million and 300 thousand women registered with the authority
  • -Completing a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in order to create awareness forums for youth to spread awareness and consolidate the principle of prevention is better than treatment in the various governorates of Egypt

  • -Completing a protocol of cooperation with Rotary Egypt to cover 13 governorates to conduct awareness sessions, as well as protect women in low income areas by free examination


Board Members

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