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Femi Health Arab Forum

Femi Health Arab Forum

Femi Health Arab Forum

Under the auspices of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development (League of Arab States) the Egyptian Cervical Endoscopy Association organizes the Arab Conference on Women's Health

The forum will be held for days:

Saturday 12 June - Intercontinental Citystars Hotel - Al Saraya Hall

Sunday, June 13 - Arab Administrative Development Organization Headquarters 2A, Hijaz Roxy Street, Heliopolis

The forum included several main themes, namely: The first axis: the role of international institutions and joint Arab action organizations in supporting women's health. The second axis: general tumors (breast cancer). The third axis: cervical cancer, ovarian and uterine cancer. The fourth axis: skin Aesthetics, plastic surgery and female aesthetics. The fifth axis: women's health in national policies and plans. The sixth axis: the role of medical institutions and the private sector in supporting women's health. The seventh axis: information care for cancer patients.

For more details about the forum, you can visit the official website of the forum:Arab Forum for Women’s Health