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FemiHealth Medical Conference

FemiHealth Medical Conference

FemiHealth Medical Conference

Under the Initiative of his excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, “100 Million Seha” with the new approach that started since 2018 by assigning all sectors of the state
to participate, foremost of which is the Ministry of Health and Population, to provide full support for this initiative
for the health of Egyptian women and mentioning the importance of the cervical cancer file, which confirms the
global interest in it, especially that it is the only cancer that can be preventable, just as Egypt used to be the leader in
all fields and at all levels in the Middle East and Africa, and therefore it is necessary to mention the importance of
this file.
Believing in the importance of this initiative, we have come up with the idea of our conference “Femihealth
Medical Conference” that is merely specialized in the field of women cancer, particularly breast, cervical, ovarian
and endometrial cancers, as well as early detection and treatment methods of abnormal cells and premalignant
(suspicious) lesions.
In this way, we try to provide the new updates and technologies from a different perspective; the know-how of
being a doctor in the specialty of women’s cancer medicine and the overall necessity for the Resident doctors,
Assistant Specialists and Specialists by applying the latest treatment protocols globally through cooperation with
international institutions to transfer foreign expertise to physicians in Egypt and the middle east. All this should
be of an aid to reach the goal of leveraging doctors’ efficiency for early detection and treatment of cancer, as well
as management of health problems associated with treatment.
Hence, We’d like to welcome you to Femihealth Medical Conference with its first round, That will be held on June
2nd - 3rd, 2022 at Intercontinental Cairo City Stars, Cairo, Egypt.