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Women and cancer from prevention to recovery

Women and cancer from prevention to recovery

Women and cancer from prevention to recovery

The Egyptian Society for Cervical Endoscopy, headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Azab, in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development (League of Arab States) and its director, Ambassador Dr. Nasser Al-Qahtani, held a press conference at the headquarters of the Administrative Development Organization in Heliopolis, in the presence of many media figures and some women of society.



The main themes of the forum:
The first axis: the role of international institutions and joint Arab action organizations in supporting women's health.
The second axis: general tumors (breast cancer).
The third axis: cervical cancer, ovarian and uterine cancer.
Fourth Axis: Dermatology, plastic surgery, and female plastic surgery.
The fifth axis: women's health in national policies and plans.

The sixth axis: the role of medical institutions and the private sector in supporting women's health.
The seventh axis: Informational care for cancer patients.
Those invited to participate included:
Regional and international organizations concerned with women's health.
The ministries of health, social solidarity, youth, culture and information in the Arab countries.
Directors of hospitals and health centers in Arab countries.
Medical unions in the Arab countries.
National councils for women in the Arab countries.
Rotary and Enruel clubs in the Arab countries.


Women invited to participate:
Successful models for women in all fields.
Female media figures and women in the artistic community and the business community who play a major role in the service of women.
Pioneers and pioneers of social networking sites (Facebook - Instagram) to contribute to spreading awareness among their followers.
Forum implementation methodology:
Implementation of the forum through a group of dialogue sessions and open discussions that include elite experts and professors in the field of women and cancer treatment and their implications.

The news was quoted from:The Diplomat Today newspaper

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